Class Schedule

We are reopening our dojo after COVID-19 lockdown for the following days:

Adult Aikido Classes

Thuesday 7-8:30 p.m.

Thursday 7-8:30 p.m.

Saturday 10-11:30 a.m.

Children Aikido Classes

Saturday 12-1 p.m.


Adult classes are open to all adults and older teenagers (16 and up) who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, while wearing masks during the transitional period (TBD).

Non vaccinated adults can practice also wearing masks but without physical contact with other students and primarily focusing on Ukemi, Ki exercises, Jo, Bokken and two-sword training.

Children and teenagers below the ago of 12 are not required to present the proof of vaccination.

Aiki-Budo and Iaido classes should resume as well. Please contact Soroka Sensei for Aiki-Budo and Kiss Sensei for Iaido classes.

If there is growing interest in additional class times, we can consider adding Monday class as well. 


Rules of class participation:

1. Masks are required at all times while training indoors.
2. All students and instructors need to sign an updated Waiver Form. 
3. A vaccination proof is required to practice contact classes (Tai-Jutsu), except for children below the  age of 12.
4. Non-vaccinated students (excluding children below the age of 12) should maintain at least 6 ft distance from each other. 
5. Using hand sanitizer before and after class is recommended.
6. If feeling sick, being exposed or in close vicinity of an infected person, do not attend the class. The same applies if you exhibit symptoms associated with COVID-19, flu or any infectious disease.
7. Any visitors are welcome to come and watch a class while wearing masks. The same applies to parents of Aiki-Kids students.

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