Kevin Greenwood Sensei

Kevin Greenwood, 1st Degree Black Belt

Aiki-Kids Instructor

Kevin Greenwood Sensei has been practicing Aikido at Cleveland and Oberlin Aikikai since 2015, after moving to Oberlin from Portland, Oregon. He started martial arts practice in Chito-ryu karate and received a Shodan in 1989 under Lawrence C. Hawkins, Jr. (8th dan). He studied Wing Chun kung fu with Lo Man Kam in Taiwan from 1989-97. He began to study Aikido in 2003 and received his Shodan in 2014 at Multnomah Aikikai in Portland, Oregon under Aki Fleshler sensei (6th dan), and he was an assistant instructor there in the children’s program, teaching his own weekly class for many years. A museum curator and former university professor, he also has extensive experience teaching a variety of subjects to adults and children. Kevin is a father of two. He teaches a lively class, with a focus on conditioning, coordination and balance.